Mobile Marine Mechanic Auckland

Are you looking for a mobile marine mechanic service in Auckland? Save yourself a lot of hassle and choose Welch Marine. Regardless of your location, our mobile service technicians will get your engine up and running so you can get back out and enjoy the water!

We have a workshop in Pine Harbour Marina but gladly bring our business across the wider Auckland region. Our experts here at Welch Marine are here to help, and our truck comes fully equipped with almost everything that we would use if you took your vessel to our workshop. Get in touch with us today!

We provide a local pick-up and drop off service, talk to us about it!


If you need outboard servicing but can’t make it to our workshop in Pine Harbour, don’t worry! From outboard service to boat repairs, even engine removal, we can bring the help to you. Just give us a call, and we will almost always be able to do everything we would otherwise do in the workshop.

Here at Welch Marine, we are all about providing quality services to our customers. To make it easier for our clients, we can bring almost all of our services and repairs to them. When you choose us, you can get back on the water in no time, with the peace of mind knowing that your boat is safe to use.


Your outboard is one of the most important parts of your boat, so you need to look after it! Get in touch with an expert marine technician from Welch Marine to cover your outboard’s routine service. We can carry out any necessary repairs, servicing, maintenance, and quality checks to make sure your outboard motor will reliably give you its best performance.

Whether it’s an oil and lube or a comprehensive servicing, contact us now and we’ll make sure your outboard is in top condition.

Electrical servicing

Work with our qualified marine electricians to cover all your boat’s electronic components are covered. From batteries and switchboards to controls and converters, we can do it all. We do re-wires, sound system installations, and more! Call us today.


As soon as you notice something up with your boat, you should give us a call. Our team at Welch Marine can’t emphasise enough the fact that your safety ALWAYS comes first. So don’t put off a trip to the boating mechanic before you use your vessel next.

We’ll bring our expertise to every marine repair you require and get the job done above and beyond your satisfaction. Our team will happily check over the rest of your boat, your lights, steering, propeller and more, to make sure it’s all good to go for you to enjoy.


Here at Welch Marine, we offer a convenient solution to all your marine servicing needs. Our truck comes equipped with almost everything we’ve got in the workshop, so we can carry out almost all the outboard services, boat repairs, and overall maintenance that you require.

We can tow your trailer boats back to our workshop in the unlikely event that we come across any issue we can’t fix on-site.